What a Babe! Kids Studio

Sherman Oaks


Fine Print

Participation in the Rewards Program is FREE. Points expire 6 months after the last class attended. Points may not be redeemed for cash. Rewards cannot be combined with other offers.

Gift card rewards contain value which may be used to purchase classes, but may not be used to purchase merchandise, redeemed for cash, or refunded. Any unused gift card value remains on the Card. What a Babe! is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged gift cards or any unauthorized use.

Referral Bonus Points are earned only after the referred friend becomes a Babe Member.

Free month of membership reward is only available to current Babe Members, may only be used after being a member for 3 months, and will be valued at the member's existing membership level. The free month membership may not be used for a membership with more weekly classes than your current membership. The free month of membership may not be redeemed for cash, refunded or gifted to anyone other than the member.

Points only accrue after joining the Rewards Program and may not be earned retroactively. What a Babe! reserves the right to suspend, remove, or prohibit points accrual for any misuse of the program or if there is a balance due on the participant's studio account for more than 3 days. What a Babe! may change or rescind the Rewards Program at any time, with or without notice. In such event, remaining point balances may be adjusted or removed.

Point Expiration

Points will automatically expire 180 days after not earning any of the following perks: Each $1 Spent on Merchandise, Attend Class, Book a class online or through the MindBody App, Yelp, Google, Facebook or MindBody Review, Become a Babe Member, Book a Birthday Party / Single Private Class, Organize a Private Series